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We Grew Apart – SSSS.Dynazenon 07 Analysis |GU 22

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SSSS.Dynazenon 07 What Is Our Reason for Coming Together? May 14, 2021

Writer: Keiichi Hasegawa

Director: Yoshiyuki Kaneko

Knight and the Second of the Gridknight Alliance stop the kaiju, but then Knight decks Dyna Dragon thinking it too is a kaiju. Later they realize the Dynazenon Four are fighting the kaiju and offer them aid. Gauma rejects it out of hand, trusting that Dynazenon will heal. Meanwhile Mujina and Onija work to poiwer up the kaiju all night. The kaiju reappears at dawn more powerful than ever. Only by uniting with the Gridknight alliance can it be defeated, but will Gauma accept the help?

SSSS.Dynaenon, kaiju, dynazenon, 07, What Is Our Reason for Coming Together, Anti, Gridknight, Alliance, Knight, SSSS.Gridman, Koyomi, Mujina, Gauma, Chise, Minami, Yomogi


I didn’t like the flow of Koyomi’s side story. It felt like it detracted too much from the main story. Chise was tied into it too in a really weird way. I say just give them their own episode, cramming a story for them into the nooks and crannies is not as enjoyable.


-Gridknight looks great in both forms. His suit is cool. I really dig the flare on his right side lapel. That is some classy extra-ness. I am soft-peddling talking about who exactly Knight is and what this means for those who haven’t seen SSSS.Gridman yet. I will not be holding back if he shows up again.

-Speaking of which Gridknight popping up in the OP made me wonder if he will be a regular in the show now. It doesn’t quite seems that way as of the end of the episode.

-Dynazenon mounting that kaiju to punch its head was hilarious!

-The weird band aesthetic of the Second and her Fixer Beam baton this was dope. The way that thing popped open and the Fixer unit slotted in there was really cool


I pulled the quote “We Grew Apart” for the tile of this analysis because it really fits this thread running through about longing. Partings make for coming togehter again. That tension and longing are part of a natural cycle that makes the world move.

Longing seems to be  at the center of this story. Gauma wants to find this beatiful lady who entrusted Dynazenon to him. Yume wants to know her sister and she felt like she was on the cusp of it when she died. Yomogi wants to help Yume partly because he is romantically interested in her. Chise grow jealous of Koyomi as he is shifting his focus to Inamoto. Koyomi seems to want a purpose. The Kaiju Eugenycists want a world where kaiju are needed and Ojina said that kaiju exist to kill all humanity, but humanity creates kaiju through longing to escape their bonds. If kaiju destroy all human life, they would in theory die out. What is the point of that? They want to basically destroy all life, even themselves if that logic holds. Why would the Kaiju Eugenycists want that? What do they really want in life? What do they really want from kaiju?


-Gridknight popping up in the OP behind Chise made me wonder if she might become a Gridknight? I think that would be really cool.


-Koyomi and Knight both helped people because they felt it was moral to do it, not because they really wanted to. How much do intentions really matter? Ultimately they acted rightly even if it was not for exactly the right reasons. Is that good or bad?

-Yomogi is intent on continuing to help Minami find out more about her sister because he likes her. She questioned him about it and he said that he care about what happened to Kane because she is Yume’s sister, so there is that connection between them, she isn’t some stranger.

-Why did Koyomi hang up on Inamoto after she thanked him for saving Tachibana? Is it because he is bitter about having no chance with her now that she says they will value each other more? Was he avoiding her telling him that they shouldn’t hang out any more?

Does it matter is Koyomi begrudgingly helped Tachibana?

Does it matter if Knight only fought alongside Dynazenon to stop the kaiju?



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