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Kind of Cute – Star Wars: The Bad Batch 105 Analysis |FO 44

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Star Wars: The Bad Batch 105 Rampage May 28, 2021

Writer: Tamara Becher-Wilkinson

Story Editor: Matt Michnovetz

Director: Steward Lee

Score: Kevin Kiner

The Bad Batch and Omega tangle with Zygerian slavers to save a young captive.


-Omega just KNOWING that the Trandosian was Sid/Syd was a little weird. It seemed like she was hacking or found something on that terminal, but that doesn’t seem likely. Did she intuit it? It’s vague and it sticks out. Is that a clue for something down the line or is it just a spot of poor writing?

-Moochi being connected to Jabba is a little much. Why not another Hutt?


-The Moochi twist is a lot of fun.

-The athleticism of the Rancor and the fight she had with that dragon mount was a lot of fun

-I liked Omega picking up that Zygerian bow. I hope she keeps it for a while.


-Omega now has Crosshair’s comm device, she played a big part in rescuing the guys and she made her clone trooper doll into a Bad Batcher, as she called it. It is sweet that she has become so well integrated into the squad. I wonder if there is still room for Crosshair. Will he see himself as being replaced by Omega. Does he have any emotional connection to them now? Did he really before? He is quite inscrutable, but I wonder if we will get a chance to see those familial dynamics play out.


-Omega will try a variety of weapons and cycle through some gear on her way to settling into a defined role on the squad. Being that she made a shot back on Kamino she could be a sharpshooter, but that feels a little on the nose to me.

-Is Luke going to fight and kill Moochi in about 23 years? If so, this is an odd choice.


-I was a little dubious about the cameos this episode. Is there anyone who the Bad Batch shouldn’t cross paths with? Anyone you’d like to see? Besides Cody.



Star Wars: The Bad Batch 105 Rampage is kind of cute. There is no major plot progression, there were no huge revelations. Everyone is sinking into their grooves after the shakeup at the start of the series. Hunter and the crew are figuring out what they will have to do to survive and how they can do that with Omega. She really is being handled well. She is naive, but highly adaptable and I am enjoying how nimble she is. There is a curiosity and eagerness, but a humility too. She knows she is a kid, but isn’t held back by that and wants to be useful, so she is acting as part of this squad and taking it mostly seriously. #starwars #TheBadBatch #starwarsbadbatch #review

#starwars #TheBadBatch #starwarsbadbatch #review


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