You Don’t Know What You’ve Got – SSSS.Dynazenon 09 Analysis |GU 26

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SSSS.Dynazenon 09 What Are These Overlapping Emotions? May 28, 2021

Writer: Keiichi Hasegawa

Director: Yoshiyuki Kaneko

Yomogi and Yume hear about how Kano died. A Kaiju suddenly appears without them being able to take in the story. Meanwhile, Chise holds onto a secret.


‐The coldness and awkwardness of Futaba is weird. This who Kano subplot is good, but it also feels like it is being played purposely badly. Maybe it is to evoke the brokenness Yume feels?


-Goldburn looks so, so, so cool. In his little toy-sized form, as a giant, a shield and as part of that kaiser dragon knight form

-The animation was so rich and vibrant this episode! It was absolutely ON POINT!


You Don’t Know What You’ve Got until you lose it or at least fear losing it. You also don’t know what you have sometimes because you fail to look at it from all sides. It is easy to lose ourselves and become so narrowly focused on a tiny bit out our reality that we don’t see how different the rest of it is. Step back. Take a wider view of your life and see all the good things you have. Look outside of yourself and see how things are for other people.

-The Kaiju Eugenicists all encouraging each other, really Juuga in this instance is kind of sweet. It feels funny that Gauma just declared that the Dynazenon Five have to really work together, in light of that. It struck me as funny that the opening song for SSSS.Gridman is Union, when this show features a combining robot that is fueled by people having the same strong feelings, it requires to be in union with each other. That has been going on mechanically this whole time and I suppose their commitment and union has been shown by the deference to Gauma each has expressed and their continued dedication to practice. A couple episodes ago, Mujina and Onija paired to dominate a kaiju and the group has continued to be warmer with each other since then. They have been more supportive and caring, while they are working towards global genocide. Its an interesting dynamic.

-Dynazenon rescuing Knight is a callback a rescue at the end of SSSS.Gridman and it stirred my heart to see it


-Chise will get to pilot Goldburn. His shield form could also be a jet.


Is there someone behind the Kaiju Eugenicists? Do they feel like a real threat? Are they actually villainous?



This episode was so cool! The action was awesome. There were some great scenes of personal development, like Yume yelling at Futaba, then Yomogi failing her like Futaba failed Kano, then Gauma shooting him in the face and telling him to go get her. Also Chise connecting to Yume and saving her with Goldburn so so cool. I love seeing a kaiju gone good as part of this story. It needed to happen and I am so glad it happened because of Chise, that was a great payoff for her.

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