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Not Exactly a Natural – Star Wars: The Bad Batch 106 Analysis |FO 45

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Star Wars: The Bad Batch 106 Decommissioned June 04, 2021

Writer: Amanda Rose Muñoz

Story Editor: Matt Michnovetz

Director: Nathaniel Villanueva

Score: Kevin Kiner

Cid hires the Bad Batch to retrieve a Separatist tactical droid for its battle intel before it is destroyed at a Corellian decommissioning site. They encounter police droids guarding the facility, as well as Trace and Rafa Martez who are also after the droid. Wrecker accidentally hits his head and his inhibitor chip begins to activate. Tech and the sisters program the tactical droid to turn on the police droids, allowing them to escape, but the tactical droid is destroyed in the process. The sisters explain that they were retrieving it for a client who is fighting the Empire. Hunter gives them a copy of the droid’s data that Tech made during the fight, and the sisters later tell their client how to find the Bad Batch.


-Oh NO! The Martez Sisters are back! I almost hate Rafa. She’s like Griff Vao, but you can’t dislike her like you did him, because she is a Latinax in a Galaxy Far Far Away.


-Omega got to keep the bow! And she needs to train with it! That’s so great!

-I liked that Tech was able to copy the data off that tactical droid. He didn’t say that he was doing that, but he did. Great tactical move. Don’t let the enemy in on your plan.

-Cid giving Omega harsh criticism and advice on her shooting was refreshing. I like how gruff she gets to be.


-The Martez Sisters clarifying the thoughtless action of the Bad Batch was really good. Hunter simply responds with something like things were so much easier when we were just soldiers. That is an interesting pairing of ideas. I know they need to pay for lunch, tolls and space gas, but it really is vitally important that they know who they are working for and what will happen with the assets or people they target. Just as it isn’t enough to say you are a good soldier following orders, because not all orders are moral, it is not OK to just take on any job that will pay. The Batch should know this, but for the sake of the arc of the show, I get why they are being told this.

The interesting thing about the droid and clone armies is that they were part of a manufactured crisis. They were both meant to be disposable pawns in this Sith game. The CIS were meant to look evil by using droids to occupy planets and kill people if need be. If you think about that though, in a way, isn’t it more moral to use a droid army to attack people? Your side has no living casualties. From a certain point of view, that means less death and destruction. Is it more moral to send innocent young warrior slaves into the meat grinder of war? The Clones really are slaves for the Republic war machine. The Clones and Jedi fighting against mere droids made for an exercise in sanitized carnage. They got to mow down hapless combatants with no moral qualms. Being that the CIS was often invading planets and treating their inhabitants cruelly made a bright moral line. It was easy for soldiers to follow orders such as: stop that murder robot from killing those sentient beings. It is moral. That clarity is gone now for the Bad Batch. They do have to choose how they live and how they fight and who they are willing to hurt.


-We’re going to see Ahsoka meet up with the Bad Batch. Or maybe she’ll pass the information on to Rex and that’s how he will show up.


-How much longer is Wrecker going to go before he pops off?

Was Omega’s escalation of skill with the bow a problem for you? Was it too sudden? Did it feel earned?


3.5/5Star Wars: The Bad Batch 106 Decommissioned reminded me how refreshing it is to see someone who is not exactly a natural at something overcome their inexperience through hard work and determination. This applies to both Omega and the Martez Sisters. She worked at her bow and they have clearly been working at their operations since they parted ways with Ahsoka. I can see that they have grown more confident and competent since then.

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