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Take Care Trooper – Star Wars: The Bad Batch 107 Analysis |FO 46

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Star Wars: The Bad Batch 107 Battle Scars June 11, 2021

Writer: Jennifer Corbett

Story Editor: Matt Michnovetz

Director: Saul Ruiz

Score: Kevin Kiner

After their failure to secure the tactical droid’s data, Cid tells the Bad Batch that they will need to do a big job to pay off their debt to her. They are interrupted by the arrival of Captain Rex, Trace and Rafa’s mystery client, who has removed his inhibitor chip and is alarmed to learn that the Bad Batch have not removed theirs. They go to Bracca, a starship graveyard planet controlled by the Scrapper Guild, and sneak onto an old Jedi cruiser to use its medical bay. Wrecker’s agitation activates his chip, causing him to attack his teammates, but he is subdued and the chip removed. Once the procedure is completed, Rex takes his leave; but as they say goodbye, Hunter is spotted by members of the Scrapper Guild.

Star Wars, Bad Batch, Clone Wars, Fooly Operational, Hunter, Omega, 107, Battle Scars, Inhibitor Chip, Rex, Wrecker, Order 66


-The Martez sisters got the credit for connecting Rex and the Bad Batch.

-Rex and Hunter sound almost identical. I think they are putting too much on Baker. Give the man a rest!


-Seeing Wrecker earnestly deadly was a lot of fun. It was like a horror movie seeing him turn on the crew. Very well played.

-Those scrap planet patrol guys have a great look, especially for being glorified garbage men.


-The idea Rex shares with Hunter that the Republic still exists is interesting. The Sith coup changed the Republic to Empire with thunderous applause, but that doesn’t mean that most people actually want the Empire as opposed to the Republic. Palpatine promised them safety and security through the might of the Empire. It isn’t wrong for people to want that. The Republic was riddled with corruption, but the Empire is despotic and tyrannical. No one chooses to be born. The circumstances of your lot are out of your control and you have to choose what you do with what you are given. The right thing to do is to act morally. What do you do when you are born into an immoral world? What do you do when your world abandons morality for the sake of security? Do you rebel against that? Do you stand in opposition to that world? If you do, are you just disturbing the peace or are you fighting for true peace? Is Empire or Republic an attitude, mindset or spirit?


-We’ll see the Bad Batch called in to a mission by Rex, but it’ll probably be in the next season. The pacing of this show makes me feel like they can tell a lot more stories with this crew. I think it will keep working, too.


-How do you feel about the Bad Batch’s shifting priorities. Should they just focus on keeping Omega safe or do they need to join the rebellion already?

-Is the Republic really gone? Does it still exist, even in these early days of the Empire? Will it die in time, if it is still alive? How soon? If so, how, what does that mean?



Star Wars: The Bad Batch 107 Battle Scars was a lot of fun. I love being thrown into the tail-end of a mission every now and then, so that was a lot of fun. The Wrecker gone-rogue stuff was thrilling. Aside from that, Hunter coming to terms with the fact that he has to decide what they are going to do with their lives is interesting. My favorite part of how that was handled is probably the fact that Rex is giving them time and space and isn’t pressuring them to join the Rebellion. He loves and cares for his brothers, even if he is willing to kill them and he wants them to be ok. He knows and respects that they have been through a lot and wants to see them taken care of. That kind of makes for a love versus duty conflict that I find interesting applied to this situation.

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