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Star Wars: The Bad Batch 108 Reunion June 18, 2021

Writer: Christian Taylor

Story Editor: Matt Michnovetz

Director: Steward Lee

Score: Kevin Kiner

The Scrapper Guild informs the Empire of the Bad Batch’s location, and Crosshair is sent to kill them. Concerned that Omega will not be returned safely, Lama Su hires a second bounty hunter to retrieve the girl.


-Learning that the creature which attacked Wrecker last episode is weird because it looked almost like a Sarlacc in the darkness and shadow and that’s not what they look like as I understand.


-Crosshair knowing the Bad Batch’s moves and being such a threat was exciting. The stakes just kept getting higher

-Wrecker training Omega with explosives is cool. If she stay with them she needs to be as effective and capable as possible to survive.

Seeing INSIDE of a giant engine was cool. The idea is novel and seeing it fire up in atmosphere was a lot of fun, but not for Crosshair.

-Seeing Cad Bane again brings warm feelings to my heart


-Echo and Hunter have a brief aside about what they are to do, during which Echo stresses that they are soldiers, so they ought to join Rex in his fight. We don’t get much more out of their exchange, but how they are and what they can be is a meaty topic I want more of.


-The Bad Batch will team up with Boba Fett to get back Omega and he will get the Slave I as part of the exchange.


-Hunter wanted to sell Cid a bunch of weapons and intel from the Republic Cruiser. Isn’t that supposed to be morally ambiguous? Isn’t he against that? Why not sell it to Rex and the Rebellion?



Star Wars: The Bad Batch 108 Reunion was largely a surprise. Crosshair called the Bad Batch predictable because he was able to match their tactics. That follows logically and is predictable, but throwing Cad Bane into the mix and the novel method of their escape was not predictable, in fact it was a welcomed surprise, to be sure. The stakes were high and that unexpected cameo was good. I enjoyed this one a lot.

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