Yomogi, Yume, Chise, Koyomi, Henshin Inspection, Tokusatsu ,Henshin Hero, Tsubaraya Productions, SSSS.Dynazenon, Dynazenon, SSSS.Gridman, GridKnight, Goldburn, 11, What is Wish Can't Come True?

Prepare Your Heart – SSSS.Dynazenon 11 Analysis |GU 29

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SSSS.Dynazenon 11 What Wish Can’t Come True? June 11, 2021

Writer: Keiichi Hasegawa

Director: ???

Yomogi and the others begin to resume their everyday life, and the Kaiju Eugenicists who have lost their Kaiju also lose their place in the world.

Yomogi, Yume, Chise, Koyomi, Henshin Inspection, Tokusatsu ,Henshin Hero, Tsubaraya Productions, SSSS.Dynazenon, Dynazenon, SSSS.Gridman, GridKnight, Goldburn, 11, What is Wish Can't Come True?


‐They almost made the show have no final villain. That would have been novel and exciting, but they pulled back from it.

-Again there is no mention of the innocent people being killed by the rampaging kaiju and that feels odd, as it was a big deal at the start of the show. I’d be fine with a single exclamation from anybody. How intrusive is it to have someone gasp and shout “Those people!” or something like it?


-Sizumu’s kaiju looks cool

-I thoroughly enjoyed seeing more of these characters as they figure out their lives outside of the roles as Dynazenon pilots


-Chise just got Goldburn. She is losing Koyomi, her little kaiju and the rest of the Dynazenon crew. We also see her headed back to school. The fact that she hasn’t been going tells me she that she wanted to avoid it and had a substantive reason for her aunt to permit her to loaf around with Koyomi. We saw her tame Goldburn and remark that she almost became a Kaiju Eugenicist as they passed her school. She seems to be a sensitive soul and Knight sees that her having to part with Goldburn will be hard for her. I doubt he knows the larger context, but we do. Knight advised Chise to prepare her heart for when he and the Second leave because they will be taking Goldburn. Supposedly all the “kaiju seeds” are gone and this world is safe from kaiju, but for the one in Sizumu has. Sizumu attacks Gauma with a beam from his heart. When Knight attacks him, his heart glows with a white light and projects a barrier that wards off the attack. Sizumu thanks Yomogi and Yume for showing him so many emotions. His heart is bent on evil and destruction, but it has become more powerful as it has become more complete. His kaiju is well-fed and a more effective vehicle of destruction due to the richness of his heart. Chise will have to struggle to become like him or bear the pain on her own and refuse to make others suffer because she is hurting. That’s a choice we all face in our own way.


-Was Kano the princess?


-Is Chise being treated like a fifth wheel?



Knights telling Chise “Prepare your heart” struck a chord with me because all we really have power over is what we do in response to the world around us. The condition of our hearts determines what our first impulse will be. Our experiences and how we process them alters the condition of our hearts. We have seen so much growth and change in the Dynazenon crew over the course of the series, that despite the little action, I was enthralled watching them figure out how to live now that the kaiju battles were over. It only works because I care about these characters thanks to what we’ve been through together.

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