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Ultraman Z Episode 22 Individual Tomorrows – November 28, 2020
Writer: Sotaro Hayashi
Director: Koichi Sakamoto

As Haruki and Yoko are strolling through town, they once again run into the Space Pirate! Alien Barossa boasts that he will get his revenge for the defeat of his brothers. In the face of this powerful enemy’s attack, SAA-1 Sevenger, which was headed for a museum, shows activity for the first time in a while!

Meanwhile behind the scenes, Juggler seems to have something else in mind…

-How long have they been working on this Ultroid Zero? Zero didn’t show up THAT early in the show did he? I checked and didn’t appear until episode 7 of. If they started construction right away, that would be 15 weeks, but their were some breaks in airing the main show, so maybe they had closer to 5 months than 4 months to make this happen. It seems super fast too me.

-All the fights were absolutely fabulous! It felt like Sakamoto and sure enough it was.
-Bako’s Bruce Lee moment with Barossa was cool.
-Bako to Hebikura all got these stand out moments this episode, it almost felt like they are giving everyone a big send-off, even Sevenger was back in the mix.
-Yoko talking Beliarok into helping her out of pride and spite was a lot of fun.

-Hebikura is so nuanced I honestly can not tell if he is doing things for the right reasons or not. GAFJ and to a lesser extent STORAGE, are flawed organizations because they are made of people and nobody is perfect. He has disobeyed orders, as good soldiers do, in order to protect people and save so many lives. Then again, he did take the Dark Z Riser for a spin a while back for fun. This time when he used Tri-King and Five King it was to help GAFJ get data on Z’s Zestium Beam so they could complete Ultroid Zero. He just opposed them using D4. Whether or not Ultroid Zero uses D4, which I think it will in a beam form to be safer, it will be a more powerful weapon. Does he want them to be able to defend themselves without the help of Ultraman Z? Does he trust GAFJ? What does he support and oppose? It sure sounds like he is going to be working against them from here on out, even after he helped them. I am intrigued, but it’s a puzzle.

-I think Yoko wants to arm wrestle Haruki all the tine just for the contact. I think she might be romantically interested in him and the way she plays with him is fun and interesting, it feels slightly coy and formal, but casual and friendly all at the same time. My wife and I are watching Downton Abbey again and honestly it feels like she is running a similarly subdued game of romantic interest where she gets to probe and test this man to see if she would actually like to enjoy his company until they die. She gets to have fun, keep her dignity and honor and can walk away at anytime having lost nothing but the time she spent. It’s an interesting dynamic where she holds all this power and the guy is either clueless or respectful of the boundaries set on him.

What do you think Juggler is doing? Should humanity weild the power of an Ultraman mecha?


Ultraman Z 22 Individual Tomorrows was fabulous. The fights and the character moments were all top-notch. The possibilities for what will happen next have me excited, especially since Hebikura wants to prove all his doubters wrong. What will that mean? I am sure it will be good, for him at least.


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There were some cool references I caught because I watched TAC after realizing Z and TAC connect.

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Series Synopsis

Once, shards of evil called “Devil Splinters” were scattered across space, throwing the galaxy into chaos. At that time, Ultraman Z, a new member of the Inter Galactic Defense Force who sought out Ultraman Zero as a mentor, comes down to Earth while chasing the Ferocious Space Shark Genegarg. On Earth, the Anti-Monster Robot Force STORAGE is formed to face down the monsters that appear on a daily basis. In his first battle, Z merges with Haruki Natsukawa, a new pilot of STORAGE. Together, they rise up to protect the peace! However, behind the scenes, the parasitic lifeform Celebro has set a terrifying plot into motion…

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