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Star Wars: The Bad Batch 112 Rescue on Ryloth July 16, 2021
Writer: Jennifer Corbett
Story Editor: Matt Michnovetz
Director: Nathaniel Villanueva
Score: Kevin Kiner

Hera contacts Omega and asks the Bad Batch to help rescue her parents. Hunter does not think such a mission would be worth the risk, but Omega convinces him to intervene. Hera, Omega, Tech, and Wrecker attack the new Imperial refinery on Ryloth as a distraction while Echo and Hunter free Cham, Eleni, and the other freedom fighters. Crosshair discovers this and sets a trap for them, but clone Captain Howzer—who is loyal to Cham—warns the escapees of the trap and then confronts his fellow soldiers. Howzer is arrested, but the Bad Batch and freedom fighters escape. Rampart realizes that he has underestimated the Bad Batch and gives Crosshair permission to hunt them down.

-Hera telling Omega her brothers need her looking out for them
-Hunter turning down money

-Howzer’s speech

-Lucas wanted to capture the decline of a Republic into an Empire. This is showing it fairly well. Ryloth was Independent and in danger from the CIS, now it is part of the Empire and in danger from its own government. Which is better?

-The Bad Batch will run out of money and end up doing a Side Show for money on Nar Shadda because they turned down that sweet Rylothian cheddar

-Omega appeals to Hunter by asserting that soldiers help people. Do they? Who do they help?



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