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Ultraman Trigger Episode 02 Leap to the Future – July 17, 2020
Writer: Naoki Hayashi
Director: Koichi Sakamoto

After Kengo comes to Earth to become a member of the defense team GUTS-Select and protect people from monsters, the Vampire Monster Gymaira appears! To make matters worse, the second Giant of Darkness, Darrgon, has been resurrected! In the face of such overwhelming strength, Trigger has no choice but to increase his own strength too – and that’s when a new power awakens!!


-The link to the past isn’t working for me, specifically with Yuna and Yuzare
-Darrgon waiting was a little silly
-Akito came around a bit too quickly


-PULL THE TRIGGER! (The opening song)
-GUTS Falcon
-GUTS-Select Crew
‐Kengo jumping out of bed


-Did Akito forgive Kengo too quickly?
-How soon until we see the Nursedessei fight? Do you think it will transform?
-Are Yuna and Kengo the same type of reincarnation from 30 million years ago?



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