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Star Wars: The Bad Batch 114 War-Mantle July 30, 2021

Writer: Damani Johnson

Story Editor: Matt Michnovetz

Director: Steward Lee

Score: Kevin Kiner

Former Clone Trooper CC-5576, aka Gregor, was imprisoned by the Empire. During a mission, the Bad Batch is contacted by Captain Rex, who asks them to retrieve Gregor from the Empire. When they arrive on Daro, they find an imperial base where conscripted troopers, who will become stormtroopers, are trained by clone commandos. Hunter, Tech and Echo infiltrate the base while Omega and Wrecker stay in the ship as backup. Few complications arise and the Bad Batch successfully exfiltrate, but Hunter is captured. Meanwhile, on Kamino, Lama Su tells Nala Se that the Empire have cancelled their contracts in producing more clones. After finding Nala Se trying to escape the planet, Admiral Rampart finds use for her as a scientist for the Empire.


-No money means no food

-wouldn’t they have pulled off Gregor’s armor when they threw him in lock up?


-Daro is gorgeous

-Omega holding the doll

-The Commando Troopers look cool



-Is Nala Se getting pulled aside to the secret Sidious cloning project?


-Can Omega take Hunter’s place as part of the squad if it comes down to it?



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