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Ultraman Trigger Episode 03 The Ultra-Ancient Light and Darkness – July 24, 2020

Writer: Naoki Hayashi

Director: Koichi Sakamoto

A man named Ignis, who calls himself the No.1 treasure hunter in the universe, is going after Yuna! What on Earth could he possibly want with her!? At the same time, Gazort appears cloaked in dark clouds and engages GUTS-Select in a fierce battle! If this continues, they’ll all be taken out in one fell swoop! Kengo!!


-I didn’t hear Gozart say Tomadachi, what was that about?

-Why not just go straight to Sky Type?

-The threat almost feels TOO great


-Ignis fighting like Jacki Chan

-Hurdam clearing his throat to speak Japanese

-Nanase’s joy in combat is infectious

-Tesshin pushing back on Trigger being a surveillance target by the GUTS-Select Brass

-Flying Swords


-Is Sizuma righ to keep this secret from Yuna? How long do you think he has known?



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