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Star Wars: The Bad Batch 115 Return to Kamino August 6, 2021

Writer: Matt Michnovetz

Story Editor: Matt Michnovetz

Director: Nathaniel Villanueva

Score: Kevin Kiner

Following Hunter’s capture on Daro, he is taken by Crosshair to Kamino and has his comm-link reactivated in order to lure the rest of the Bad Batch into a trap. On Kamino, Omega reveals a secret platform in the ocean that takes them to Nala Se’s secret laboratory, revealing this was where the squad was originally created and grown in their early stages of development. They are then greeted by medical droid AZI-3 and proceed to enter the main Kaminoan facility. Tracking Hunter’s comm-link to the training room, they quickly fall into a trap in which Crosshair attempts to persuade them to join the Empire, Crosshair executes the rest of his elite squad but ultimately fails to convince the Bad Batch. In an effort to free them, Omega activates the training droids which the Bad Batch swiftly eliminate. After a final attempt by Crosshair to recruit his former squad mates to turn, including the revelation that he removed his inhibitor chip and is freely working for the Empire, he is stunned by Hunter. Rampart, under the orders of Tarkin, then orders the destruction of Tipoca City, with the Bad Batch and Crosshair still inside the sinking city.


-Omega’s impatience and Echo’s response


-The shootout in the training room

-Star Destroyers



-The big reveal outs Crosshair in a different context.


-Season Two will be rebranded as The Good Batch. New armor and casual looks for all!


-What does it mean that Hunter refused to kill Crosshair?



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