It’s Deban’s Turn – Ultraman Trigger SP 1 Analysis |GU 43

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Ultraman Trigger Episode SP 1 The Power to Protect Peace – August 6, 2020

Writer: N/A

Director: N/AToday, the team of monster experts GUTS-Select continues to protect the peace. Let’s take a look at their efforts so far! Surely you all know that there were other organizations like them that protected peace on Earth using cutting-edge scientific equipment? Let’s give those defense teams a proper introduction! Our navigator today will be… the monster Deban?!


-It’s a clip show


-Deban’s design is really cool


-Why the early clip show?

-Wait, is Taiga distinct from Tiga, who Trigger is made after?



#tokusatsu #Ultraman #UltramanTrigger #review


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