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Ultraman Trigger Episode 5 Akito’s Promise – August 21, 2021

Writer: Toshizo Nemoto

Director: Masayoshi Takesue

A massive monster with huge horns has suddenly appeared. That monster is Deathdrago, the first monster that appeared before humanity six years ago. Faced with Deathdrago’s return, Akito seems to have gone a little strange. What connection could there be between Akito and the monster that begins it all!? And will Kengo be able to make Akito smile!?


-Deathdrago’s Corruption

-Yuna’s Slap

-Runboldt Arrow


-Akito’s Sad Music

-Deathdrago’s Horn

-Tesshin’s Eye

-Flipping Evasion


-Did the Trigger part feel weak to you? Were you satisfied with the ending of the fight?

-Were you more invested in Akito’s plot this episode?

-It’s implied that Yuna isn’t entirely human being Yuzare, does that mean Kengo is more than human? What could come of that?



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