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I loved The Rise of Ultraman and I am excited to see if the crew can keep up the momentum.

The Trials of Ultraman #5 – August 4, 2021

Writer: Matthew Groom, Kyle Higgins

Penciler: Francesco Manna

Color Artist: Espen Grundetjern

Cover Artist: Arthur Adams, Rachelle Rosenberg

It’s man-made Kaiju vs. real-deal Kaiju vs. Ultraman — on a shifting battlefield of ice and fire, with thousands of lives at stake! When the smoke clears, will Ultraman be left standing? And if not, will it be because of the Kaiju battle… or the unexpected betrayal of a trusted friend?


-Ide’s ialogue


-Kaiju Logic

-Splashy Spread





Skepticism is a virtue


Art: 4/5

Story: 4/5


You can get the book here.

Official Page for Trials of Ultraman #5

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