Your Honesty Cost You – Avataro Sentai Donbrothers 13 Analysis |SSS 013

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I will be discussing: What is the difference between honesty and privacy?

This is Super Sentai Sanctuary 013: “Your Honesty Cost You”


Avataro Sentai Donbrothers 13 Goodbye Tarou – May 29, 2022

Writer: Toshiki Inoue

Director: Katsuya Watanabe


Writer Tracker – Toshiki Inoue (13; 1-13)

Director Tracker – Ryuta Tasaki (4; 1-2, 9-10); Shojiro Nakazawa (2; 3-4); Katsuya Watanabe (3; 5-6, 13); Hiroyuki Kato (2; 7-8); Kyohei Yamaguchi (2; 11-12)


The Donbrothers, who now all know each other more often, decided to get together and discuss how to fight for their respective futures. Taro Momoi thinks that they should defeat the leader of the Noto first. On the other hand, Sonoi and the other Noto learn more about the Donbrothers, it seems like there is a connection between Don Momotaro and the Noto.

Fed up with Taro’s behavior, the other Donbrothers decide to fight the Hitotsuki without following his orders. Later, Taro and Sonoi learned each other’s true identities and decided to have a duel.


-Inu Brother was entirely dropped from that final scene…. in retrospect that IS in line with the logic of the show, but it seems like a budget saving move and it stood out as odd. Everyone else cared about Tarou vanishing, but Inuzaka was completely disconnected from that moment.


-The exposition from the villains was cool. The theories have been confirmed, but the based pigeon, dog and clownfish have brought up new questions. So did Tarou’s apparent death at the end of the episode.


-Sonoi’s actor acting opposite a pigeon is the ostentatious flavor of toku that makes me adore these henshin hero shows.


-The frenemy relationship between Sonoi and Tarou is so delicious. What am I talking about? In 7 Figure Fiction, author T Talyor talks about the story elements or details that delight people across culture, genre and medium. She calls these so called universal fiction elements butter, because when it comes to most food: butter makes it better. This example in Don Brothers is dripping with Universal Fiction butter:

-Tarou is a secret prince

-Tarou is the lone survivor orphan of his family (unless his relative is a 6th Donbrother)

-It sounds like Sonoi (and the other 2 Cerebrans) is the Scion to a royal family of Ideon as well

-Tarou and Sonoi were fast friends, encouraging each other to overcome their trials that they didn’t know centered around each other

-They had just promised to celebrate their respective victories together before realizing they were mortal enemies

-They accepted their fates and sought to kill each other despite their friendship because they just had to, I guess that is duty over love or desire


-The score was dope during the duel of revelations


-What is the difference between honesty and privacy? I guess Tarou never read the Art of War, huh? Have you?


– Don 14: Jirou the Substitute


Episode 13: 9/10

The expositions dump, new questions raised, the shocking twists and the cool action all made this a fabulous episode. I was entertained, engaged and rocked. I am trying to figure out what’s going to happen and am thrilled the next episode is coming out soon. Also Inoue’s use of UF Butter is great. No wonder Kiva was so great, it was slathered in all this goodness, too.


This is Super Sentai Sanctuary 012: “Anything Goes”


Avataro Sentai Donbrothers 12 Lying Moon – May 22, 2022

Writer: Toshiki Inoue


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Avataro Sentai Donbrothers is a Japanese television series. It is the 46th in Toei’s Super Sentai series. Its Momotarō-themed Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger The show succeeded Kamen Rider Revice line-up Super Hero Time to Avataro Sentai Donbrothers in premiered March 6, 2022, on TV Asahi.


The series theme is based on the legend of Momotarō and Virtual Reality. Because of this, many of the show’s graphics are styled to resemble traditional Japanese watercolor brush paintings, and the series makes more extensive uses of CGI than past productions.


Official Site –

Check out THIS SCRIPT for a comic book inspired by Super Sentai and other Tokusatsu heroes.


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