Kamen Rider Geats 01 Analysis

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I will be discussing: The bad and good of Geats 01 and the true enemy Ace will face.


Kamen Rider Geats 01 Dawn F: Invitation to be a Rider – September 04, 2022

Writer: Yuya Takahashi

(Ex-Aid and Zero-One)

Director: Shojiro Nakazawa


Mysterious monsters appear to attack the city and individuals chosen as Kamen Riders are assembled to fight them in a competition. The first Rider is Ace Ukiyo, who can transform into the fox-like Kamen Rider Geats, and another is Michinaga Azuma, who can transform into the buffalo-like Kamen Rider Buffa. A job-hunting university student Keiwa Sakurai and a rich social influencer Neon Kurama are caught in the competition’s battle, and manage to survive the event, then eventually being invited to the same competition.


-The fortress didn’t work for me


-Geats is thrilling in action

-Chainsaw Buffalo is a delight


-Will there be a big shake up in 6 moths based on the DGP taking 6 months or will time skew to the release schedule of the show?

-Where does this DGP power come from? Who benefits from it? What’s behind the scenes

-Tanuki boy, Keiwa seems devoid of desire and the game is called the Desire Grand Prix, so I guess we will be dealing with the theme of desire and I am curious to see how that works out, but it is clearly being set up as he has the chance to be a Rider

-If you die in the game, do you die in real life?

-Is this new game a New Game Plus for Geats?


Episode 1 – 7/10

The action was cool, but the story was a little thin. There are lots of questions and some intrigue as we just witnessed the death and rebirth of a world, but it didn’t really connect emotionally. I want to know more. I like Geats, but he also feels like the villain in some ways moreso, than the hero, which is part of the intrigue.


What force might Ace face as the series unfolds?

Kuroto wanted to become a god. Emu wanted to help people as a Doctor, a profession which is said to make some play at being divine. Hirobi wanted to break free from his creators and supercede them. Aruto was the creator’s son and befriended his creations treating them as equals.

Is Ace basically starting off as a god? He seems to have a dual nature, he is a player, a master of the game. Could his foe be the programmer or some personification of fate?


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