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I will be discussing: The Bad and Good of Geats 02 and Ace’s true face.


Kamen Rider Geats 02 Encounter I: Treasure Hunt and a Thief – September 11, 2022

Writer: Yuya Takahashi

Director: Shojiro Nakazawa


Ace, who became the winner of the Desire Grand Prix, the “Desire God”, has gotten his ideal world.

Meanwhile, Keiwa receives a Rider Core ID as well as a Desire Driver and is invited into the Desire Grand Prix. As he cautiously equips his new gear, he is suddenly transported into the hall of the Desire Temple.

There, he finds Neon, Michinaga, and Ace. As various young men and women gather, they are about to participate in a new game that’s just about to begin…


-Things are unclear. Is it a new set of players each time? If so, why is Buffa back? Where’d the handsome bear dude from last round go? Why are Neon and Keiwa part of the game this time?


-Geats playing at the game and with the rules is fun, like how he used his water gun for melee attacks and set up Keiwa as a dupe

-This base suits are cleverly designed, the right shoulder armor becoming the left thigh armor is slick-The player lounge is neutral ground, that is an interesting way to get players together, have tension set up but not allow it to escalate because of disqualification. I like that.


-Did Taira choose to be part of the game? Did Neon and Keiwa?

-Why is this Navigator there?

-Who has the power behind the game?

-Is Buffa back because he didn’t die last round?


Episode 2 – 8/10

Solid start to a new game. I get the rules and see the general shape fo the conflict, but some things just don’t make sense. Ace is a blast though. I like something about him, maybe it is that I like the force behind the DGP sense he is up to something…


What is ace really about? How long has been in this game? Is he stuck? Is he trying to destroy it from within?


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