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I will be discussing the Misses, Hits and Questions about Fuuto PI 07.

This is Half-Boiled 007


Fuuto PI 07 The Closed k/Dynamic Duo, Deserted – September 11, 2022

Writer: Riku Sanjo

Director: Yousuke Kabashima


After a flight of fancy leaves Shotaro and Philip stranded in the mountains during a blizzard, they stumble onto a mansion that hosts a bizarre ritual.


-Why was your girl Kanna doing carrying two blankets out in a blizzard? Suspicious!


-That Alcohol Dopant is NASTY!

-I like how much trouble she gave them because she is drunk!


-Exactly how big is Fuuto? I don’t ever remember seeing mountains around it before.

-Was Bando really there by a whim of fate? He didn’t coordinate that? Does granny seem  to be the most likey suspect since they apparently know each other?


Episode 7 – 7/10

It’s just getting started, but this is a classic trapped with the murderer story. Surely it IS NOT the lady in the Culi-Dress, she is likely a red herring and I am assuming she will be the third murder victim here. It is decent so far. It was fun to see Philip and Shotaro just hanging on chasing shrooms. I am letting the story build and wondering how this story can take 2 more episodes at this point.

Get ready for a tangenet: I looked it up and while therer is such a thing as a “culi hat” there is no “culi dress” which I find surprising. I am confident I have heard that before. It is referred to as Cheongsam, but I am pretty sure Shotaro literally said “China Dress” which matches my understanding that it is called a “culi dress” and I wonder who was involved in the subbing choice to call it a “flashy” dress. They were all dressed “flashy” except for Kanna. Why not go with “Cheongsam dress” or “Chinese dress”




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