Kamen Rider Geats 04 Analysis – When Does Failure Start?

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I will be discussing: The Bad and Good of Geats 04. What is the root of failure?

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Kamen Rider Geats 04 Encounter III: Victory Conditions – September 25, 2022

Writer: Yuya Takahashi

Director: Teruaki Sugihara


Neon has been infected with a zombie bite, which terrifies her as it could lead to her death. Prelude to the third round, Neon returns home in disappointment and discovers that her mother has deleted her videos irreparably.

Keiwa tries to cheer her up, but Ace on the other hand pushes her away as she is nothing but a rival who will inevitably disappear anyway. Ace’s words do not make Neon happy, who is now suffering from changes on her body.

As the third round begins, Ace, Keiwa, Michinaga, and Morio all transform into battle and confront the Zombie Jyamato… but there was an accident?! 


-The ruse of the zombie execution fake out to pass off Magnum made no sense.

-Neon really thinks true love will save her, how? If it is “making her mom’s love true” that would make sense because that is a warped or untrue love at play in the Kurama house.


-The mask is slipping on Ace. We are seeing glimpses of him caring, though he dies it when he can.

-Na-Go’s use of BOOST was so great. The speed it moved her at was cool, but the rocket hammer was even better. So cool!

-The effect of Ace using Zombie Claw to lock all the enemies in place was neat from a special effects perspective. They only really showed one Zombie claw at a time and used editing and framing with maybe some CGI to show all the other Zombies being held fast. Honestly, by the time they panned out to show the hammer assault, I was not paying attention to the Zombie Claw


-How many rounds of games are there going to be in the DGP? Giving each game 2 episodes, if we only need 5 more games to get to the last Rider and the winner, that could be as few as 10 more episodes. Does that suggest there will be a big change at episode 14?


Episode 4 – 8/10

I would have liked to see a little more game play. We spent a lot of time getting a look at Neon’s personal life and while it helped me to buy into her arc, I think it could have been sleeker and faster. Her big win in the game and out of it afterward was exciting to see. Ace, Keiwa and Neon make a neat trio and I am happy to see them working together while knowing I am likely being set up for heart ache as the game eliminates them. Swapping around Gears is a blast and I loved seeing Nago use Boost. It was a visual delight.


What is the root of failure?


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