Fuuto PI 09 Analysis – Can a Broken Memory Work? |HB 09

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Fuuto PI 09 The Closed k/The Ultimate Two Halves of One – September 25, 2022

Writer: Riku Sanjo

Director: Yousuke Kabashima


A confrontation erupts when the Alcohol Dopant’s true identity is revealed, while Kamen Rider Accel battles the gruesome Scream.


-The framing of Kuya pre and post OP was weird. His posture of menace or defiance makes no sense especially when granny is HOLDING THE MEMORY. It was an oddly executed reveal

-The pacing of the Scream VS. Accel fight was weird. They either should have showed more of it or none of it.


-Kiku showing the power of a High Dope BEFORE transformation was exciting. The High Dope concept is intriguing.

-Seeing Xtreme was a lot of fun. I love the prism theme

-I appreciate Shotaro and Philip minimizing their elder abuse


-Why not just kill the Riders? I hope it isn’t for more experimentation…

-Should Kiku had powers after her memory was broken?


Episode 9 – 7/10

The conclusion to this side story is solid. The contrivance of the Gaia Memories bringing people who hold them together is excusable because it got us: Cyclone Joker Xtreme, the revelation of NEWSUEM to the Riders, the raising of the stakes because it looks like our heroes are severely over-matched and another scrap of a clue linking Tokime to Bando and his experiments. I could do with a truncated debrief, but the logic of it all matters less to me than the story. I would have like more story, this was mostly set up for what is coming next.




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