Avataro Sentai Donbrothers 31 Analysis |SSS 031 – Is Kaito Manipulating the Donbrothers?

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I will be discussing the Downs, Ups and Whats of Donbros 31.

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[This is Super Sentai Sanctuary 031]

Full Show Notes – https://mjmunoz.com/2022/10/03/sss031/


Avataro Sentai Donbrothers 31 The Hound unmasked – October 2, 2022

Writer: Toshiki Inoue

Director: Kyohei Yamaguchi

Writer Tracker

Toshiki Inoue (30; 1-25, 27-31)

Saburo Yatsude (1; 26)

Director Tracker

Ryuta Tasaki (6; 1-2, 9-10, 27-28)

Shojiro Nakazawa (2; 3-4)

Katsuya Watanabe (7; 5-6, 13-15; 22-23)

Hiroyuki Kato (6; 7-8, 16-17, 24-25)

Kyohei Yamaguchi (5; 11-12; 20-21; 31)

Satoshi Morota (4; 18-19; 29-30)

Kazuyuki Chatani (1; 26)


Jiro guesses that the identity of the mysterious Inu Brother is no other than Tsubasa Inuzuka, based on his scent. Tsuyoshi, who has met Tsubasa many times, denies it. Taro and the rest of the team used this opportunity to investigate Inu Brother’s true identity. While this is happening, Tensouki appears. After the battle, Taro calls Inu Brother to Cafe Donbura.


-I think this episode was a bait and switch based on the preview from the end of 30. How dare they!

-They ignored that Inui Ryuji ALSO has “Inu” in his name. I am certain that is some sort of joke, but I just don’t get it…

-Tsubasa teleporting away at one point so the Dog Deception could work out was weird. The rules of the universe are being bent if not outright broken


-That opening shot in the rain with Don Momotaro sliding was lovely!

-Sad Inu in the rain looks good. The puppeteering on that helmet is super effective!

-The triple Miho fake out was weird, but effective

-The first Hitsosuki was cured by LOVE in the restaurant. That was so cool!


-Could a Hitotsuki jump from host to host indefinitely?

-Why did the Inu Brother glasses drop off of Inuzaka and Inui at different times? And why did they come back to Inuzaka? That doesn’t make sense does it?

-Kaito knows Tsubasa is Inu Brother and he is messing with the rest of the Donbrothers by not telling them, isn’t he? That’s the sense I get.

-If Kaito is the administrator, does that mean that he is also the one who teleports the Donbrothers around? If so, was he playing a part in the others thinking Inui Ryuji was Inu Brother?


Episode 31: 8/10

This episode was funny. I was shocked by the fake out and the twists. Honestly the skill and cleverness of the writing combined with the charm of the cast are enough for me to rank this higher than I would have otherwise. Bless you Inoue.


I need to learn to be a funny writer. It seems like Inoue treats writing like a game in some ways. He plays with the structure of the show, the characters and the situations in such a way that it is entertaining, even when it isn’t serious or important. The fact is: this is fiction and while stories matter, the only ones that count are the ones that stick with you. I think all the fun I have had with Donbrothers will cause it to stick in my mind for a long time.


Avataro Sentai Donbrothers is a Japanese television series. It is the 46th in Toei’s Super Sentai series. Its Momotarō-themed Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger The show succeeded Kamen Rider Revice line-up Super Hero Time to Avataro Sentai Donbrothers in premiered March 6, 2022, on TV Asahi.

The series theme is based on the legend of Momotarō and Virtual Reality. Because of this, many of the show’s graphics are styled to resemble traditional Japanese watercolor brush paintings, and the series makes more extensive uses of CGI than past productions.


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