Fuuto PI 10 Analysis |Half-Boiled 10 – Could Tokime Take Over for Shotaro in Double?

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Fuuto PI 10 Superhuman r/A Passport to Shadow Fuuto – October 2, 2022

Writer: Riku Sanjo

Director: Yousuke Kabashima


Philip discovers that the broken Memory Tokime carried around with her is a Joker Memory like Shotaro’s, suggesting that she used to be a Dopant. To take their minds off of it, Shotaro and Tokime take on a request from schoolgirl Ritsuka Rando to find her grandfather Rentaro, who disappeared after taking on a valve construction job from a mysterious client. As Philip works with Ryu and the police to investigate the case, Tokime gets pulled into Shadow Fuuto after picking up a mysterious card, discovering it to be full of monsters. Using her knowledge of the city, Tokime manages to find her way back to the agency to warn everyone about the danger Rentaro is in, only for the Brachiosaurus Dopant to drag her back in, forcing Shotaro, Philip and Ryu to jump into Shadow Fuuto after her. There, they confront Rentaro’s client, Mamoru Nikaido, who transforms into the Reactor Dopant, proving resistant to W and Accel’s attacks. Meanwhile, Tokime is confronted by the Brachiosaurus Memory’s user, who claims that this is Tokime’s home.


-How did Tokime get from the roof to the streets? I call shenanigans on that! UNLESS she is a Joker High Dope who has retained some power from her seemingly broken memory like we just saw with Granny Kiku and the Alcohol Memory

-Brachiosaurus is still TOO big!

-Why did Philip leap off that platform like he was going through the portal. He should have sat down! Had your girl Akiko not slowed time and rushed to him, my man would have broken his neck!


-I appreciate the love for small businesses. May the Rando family enjoy many more years of success.

-Tomkime’s notebook gives us such a cool peak into the world of Double! I skimmed the page and it seems all the information is correct. That is a great callback and bit of continuity

-Reactor looks great! I like that he is such a threat even though he is not a higher level Dopant.

-It’s novel that Reactor didn’t actually kidnap Grandpa Rando, but it is still quite malicious that he is letting him run around Shadow Fuuto which will most likely get him murdered by some Doapnt. That is worse in some ways than kidnapping and murdering him. It’s like a game to Reactor. That make him a bad man. A very, very bad man!


-Have the people with those Dopant belts always been called “Executives?” That’ the first time I heard the term. I like the idea that they were “MUSEUM Executives” before and now they can be Shadow Fuuto “Executives” that sounds really cool!

-Will we see Tokime as the Joker Dopant? We have seen the other 5 main W Memories as Dopants, but never Joker, if my memory serves me right.

-Are we getting recycled Dopants in Shadow Fuuto, if so, why and how does that make sense?

-I have always dislked Shotro and thought that a few members of the female cast of Double would make a better partner for Philip. Since Tokime has the Joker Memory, could she replace Shotaro? What would you think of that? I think that could be cool.


Episode 10 – 7/10

There was some goofiness that took away from this episode being really great. I will have a hard time getting over how silly Brachiosaurus is, I won’t lie about that. I like that we are learning more about Tokime and that Double and Accel jumped into Shadow Fuuto to save her and so that we can learn more about it. I like the puzzle pieces coming together, but the distractions on the way there make it feel like a putting together a puzzle with my kids, to be honest, sometimes it is less-than-thrilling.


It doesn’t matter that not everyone will like everything in your story. There are some things that people will just roll with. This is me with the ridiculous Brachiosaurus. I do not like it one bit, but I am rolling with it. A much larger audience is too. The manga is still ongoing and I am actively enjoying the anime adaptation of Fuuto PI, so I will not argue with the success. Is it artistic integrity to do something you want to do as the author even if the audience will think it is dumb? Maybe, it is definitely gutsy, and I do admire that. In other words, be bold and make choices you like, even if some of our audience will balk at them.


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