Fuuto PI 11 Analysis |Half-Boiled 11 – Do Heroic Citizens Make Heroes Look Bad?

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Fuuto PI 11 Superhuman r/In Search of a Connection – October 9, 2022

Writer: Riku Sanjo

Director: Yousuke Kabashima


W and Accel are forced out of Shadow Fuuto by the nuclear-powered Nikaido and his army of monstrous Road Dopants. Will they find their way back in time to rescue Tokime and Rentaro?


-Little creeper trying to peep on your girl Tokime was gross. I accept this villainous behavior, but that was a little extreme.

-Reactor could have taken more damage from that big bad beetle blast

-The Road Sector of enemies felt off. The supposedly lower level Road Dopant seemed like a tougher fight for Double  

-Did we really need a team of Roads to make that portal? That seems excessive.


-Accel and Double looked so good mowing down those Road Dopants!

-Akiko striking a classic henshin pose is a lot of fun.

-Seeing Shotro’s dedication to the client and the client’s love for her grandpa working together to find a major breakthrough in the case is cool.


-So Tokime is a High Dope then, huh? I wonder if she is the first High Dope?

-Does Tokime have other Joker powers than what Shotaro has? I don’t really know what the Joker powers are, so they could be anything


Episode 11 – 8/10

The episode is solid. Other than the kid being a pervert, I like everything fairly well to a lot. The truth about Tokime is slowly surfacing, but her character and heroism is more important that who or what she was. Everyone is putting in the work to prove that they belong in this story. The invested cast has me invested. As wild as the setting is, the story is human to the core and the delight comes in watching these people show us who they are. The Randos are doing everything they can: praying, digging through leads and running for survival while the over-matched Narumi detectives do the same and I am excitedly rooting for them all.


I have previously spoken of the importance of vague rules. A derivative idea from that is  to leave yourself room to explore details and elements of your world. This doesn’t have to be done with a plan for doing greater things down the line. Not everything has to be planned in elaborate detail. Sometimes when asking yourself “What does this do?” it is ok to say, “I don’t know, I’ll figure it out later. If I ever need to.” You don’t have to go down every rabbit trail and you don’t even have to know where everyone is to explore it when the time is right.


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