Kamen Rider Geats 06 Analysis – What is True Victory?

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I will be discussing: The Bad and Good of Geats 06 and what is true victory?.

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Kamen Rider Geats 06 Encounter V: Boost Turnabout – October 9, 2022

Writer: Yuya Takahashi

Director: Takayuki Shibasaki


Morio uses his special VIP ticket to become Buffa’s new partner, while Tycoon is now paired with Punk Jack. Despite being upset at losing his best chance of winning, Keiwa begins training with Punk Jack.

Michinaga doesn’t seem to care who his partner is. As long as they lead him to victory by any means, he will consider that justice. Just what happened in his bitter past that led to his hostile nature towards Geats and the others?


-How does Michinaga NOT GET that Ace helped him? And didn’t kill his friend?

-It feels like the bad Riders are getting dropped too quickly

-Is it weak that the last two eliminated Riders were bad guys who the audience was likely happy to see go?


-Ace gloating about how he will win while encouraging Keiwa is hilarious. I literally laughed out loud.

-Seeing Michinaga’s memory was cool. Neat effect. Watching him see it is cool.

-Michinaga wants the POWER to destroy all Rider, that doesn’t mean he will execute that power. That gives me hope for him as a character. He isn’t evil, he is aggressive. That’s interesting.

-That card scatter slow-motion shot looks fabulous


-How is it fair for Punk Jack to do jack squat to help his partner? I thought the game was supposed to be more fair than that…

-What is true victory? Is it Ace’s mastery of the self? Is it Michinaga’s survival at any cost?


Episode 6 – 7/10

The characterization was much better in this episode and I enjoyed all the asides that showed us more of who the players are. I am particularly interested in Ace’s morality. The action was really cool: Mary’s Mace, Geat’s not-so-casual Jamato face kick, that slow-mo shot and the team attack with Na-Go all looked so cool. It was a bit slow in places and something just feels a bit off, so that brings the score down a bit for me.


You can make a character detestable, interesting and disposable all at the same time. Morio could have been played sympathetically but Takahashi went a different way. He built him up as clever and crafty and he showed his hideous colors before dispatching him from the story.


Episode 07 – Encounter VI: Kick the Can VS Final Boss


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