Kamen Rider Geats 08 Analysis – Is It Selfish to Ask for Help?

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I will be discussing: The Bad, the Good and the Intriguing of Geats 08

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Kamen Rider Geats 08 Encounter VII: Ninja The Ace – October 23, 2022

Writer: Yuya Takahashi

Director: Kazuya Kamihoriuchi


Sara is kidnapped by the Jyamato. Keiwa, who learned of this incident, rushes to rescue her despite his injuries. He transforms into Tycoon in front of her and fights the Jyamato while trying his best to protect her. At that moment when Sara touches Tycoon’s ID Core, she remembers a terrifying moment from the past that he had forgotten. What is the shocking truth behind the past that the Sakurai siblings share? 


-Keiwa is GONE!

-I went back and it looks like Michinaga lied about kicking the can. His grudge is fine, but lying and being petty about it is weak!

-It feels like the rules are actively shifting with beating the boss. Why? How is that fair?

-The Jamato abducting Sara doesn’t make sense.


-The direction on that scene where the guy pulled Sara away from her parents was beautiful

-Ninja Tycoon looks great

-Ninja’s decoy and minor teleportation abilities are SO cool!

-I dig Ace’s conviction, even if it is a trick. I want to believe in him.


-How did the Tycoon ID Core work for Sara?

-I forgot to ask this last time, but if all the Rider were killed in a previous game, why did the DGP not end? What happened to the world?

-Can Sara swap in for Keiwa as Tycoon? That unfinished rule at the end is making me wonder…

-Is it selfish to ask others for help, as Ace told Keiwa?


Episode 8 – 9/10

Keiwa was so cool, the Ninja Buckle came to aid him in his mighty feat of heroism! Taking down part of the Final Boss to divert its attention so one of the others could save his sister and the world was a brilliant move. I was shocked that he got eliminated from the game do to his injuries.

Ninja Tycoon was a joy to watch and I was impressed with how effectively Keiwa used it. The extra level of motivation to meet this final boss has me excited to see how hard the remaining Riders will go to defeat the Jamato… this game.

Keiwa showed himself to be made of truly heroic mettle, you might even say: it’s high quality! I am thrilled to see how this game plays out and I have a feeling we are in for a big surprise.


Push your characters out of their comfort zones to get the most out of them. This all out hero act, fighting to take what he wants isn’t Keiwa. He wants to get a buy in from others and would have just let things happen before, but this time he took control and did what he had to do. That was exciting to watch as an audience member, and I enjoy how his fellow Riders reacted to this change as well.

LL000: Use a character’s traits and interactions as a reference point to show their growth as you push them out of their comfort zone as far as you can.


Episode 09 – Wake Up! Monster


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