What Makes a Hunter Heroic? – 2022-10-28 |SOE 5


What is the status of my current projects: progress made, length of time on the backburner?


Grobug Series – 5 Books Planned

Manuscript Completed: Books 1 and 2

Drafts Completed: 0

Drafts to Start: Books 3-5

Outlines Started: Book 3, sort of. I have one outline paragraph written for the book.

Outlines to Start: Books 4 and 5.

Next Action from 10-21-22: make thumbnail sketched for all 32 pages of Grobug Book 1. As of 10-21-22, I am 2 weeks late.

Actions Taken by 10-28-22: I made thumbnails for the first 6 spreads.

Next Actions:Make sketches for Grobug Book 1, spreads 7-16.


-Research Crowdfunding

-Make Crowdfunding Proposal

-Send to artist-Negotiate Rates and Terms

Back Burner

MTM – Breastfeeding Book for big brothers and sisters. (5 Weeks)

MTM – Next actions to publish: make text descriptions and thumbnail sketched for all 32 pages (5 Weeks)

Fantasy Dragon Book – Manuscript may need revision. On hold.

Completed Works

What did I accomplish this week as a storyteller?

-No writing this week–No drawings this week-

I analyzed the following shows:

Avataro Sentai Donbrothers 34 Analysis |SSS 034 – Is Donbros a Fake Sentai?

Kamen Rider Geats 08 Analysis – Is It Selfish to Ask for Help?

Lessons Learned

What did I learn from the world of story this week?

  • Donbros 34 – There are 2 or 3 fights in every episode of a Super Sentai. Most of them are a blur. I remember Joe from Gokaiger and his friend-turned-enemy. it has been more than 10 years since Gokaiger ended. I adore the side conflicts and personal bonds that characters share in Donbros. I think I’ll remember Haruka and Sonoza talking about her slump as a manga author while they fight. I think I’ll remember Tarou and Sonoi sharing Oden. What is THIS that Inoue is doing? Whatever it is, I want to do that because it feels like a key to making something that will really stick with people. Would that be called “constructing a story within a story” or something else? Is it making complex, layered characters? I feel like I have “discovered” something that is already known in the literary world, but I don’t have the name for it. This is what I get for being a self-taught writer! If you know what to call it, please chime in and let me know. LL000: Secondary connections between characters make for a richer, more engaging story.
  • -Geats 08 – Push your characters out of their comfort zones to get the most out of them. This all out hero act, fighting to take what he wants isn’t Keiwa. He wants to get a buy in from others and would have just let things happen before, but this time he took control and did what he had to do. That was exciting to watch as an audience member, and I enjoy how his fellow Riders reacted to this change as well. LL000: Use a character’s traits and interactions as a reference point to show their growth as you push them out of their comfort zone as far as you can.

Fabula Ex Machina

Part brainstorm, part drafting out loud.

Prompt: What makes a hunter heroic?

X Words

10 Minutes


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