Introduction, Invitation and Expectations – 2023-04-18 |SOE 000

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I am MJ Muñoz. I am an aspiring author who dabbles in drawing and can’t seem to stop analyzing the world around me. I am passionate about good stories. My taste is eclectic, but the stories I love are probably tied together by the human journey of overcoming the self. Cool fights help, too.

MJMUNOZ.COM is the place for all my work. I post my analysis, art and fiction here. Story Over Everything is a production log and development journal of sorts to give you an insight into my creative process and spurn me on to write more and finish ongoing projects. The audio and video can be found here on


I am a self taught writer. I am a Junior College dropout and I work for a small business in Southern California. I have a beautiful wife and family and much of my time goes into them. My faith is a foundational part of my life and very much informs my political perspectives and my writing. I recently described my massive “Holy Heroes” project as a combination of The Chronicles of Narnia and Marvel Comics. Super Heroes, shonen anime, tokusatsu and the best of Star Wars are my major fictional influences. I think all that woven together by the Bible will make for some amazing stories and I want to share them with the world.


Please join me every week for a fresh new edition of Story Over Everything, the chronicles of an author, artist and analyzer. SOE will alternate focus each episode.

Skimming Leaves is a sort of book of the month feature, where I will be discussing a book. I will let folks now what book is coming up and provide links to it and then give everyone a chance to read it before I share my thoughts and feelings on it.

Story Machine episodes will feature me sharing an idea, you could call it a story prompt if you want and then sharing my progress on the books I am currently writing.

The Workshop will allow me to dedicate time to learning myself some writing craft and share it with you.

Topical episodes will give me a chance to focus on one or more topics in Writing that have caught my attention.


Full disclosure, this is an re-introduction.

SOE 1, went off the rails, clocking in at about 50 minutes and sprawling beyond the scope of the segments of the old format of the show.

SOE 2-7 follow the same format as SOE 1 more or less, but from SOE 8 on, the show is different. In fact it was not until SOE 14 that I really found my footing and figured out exactly what I want SOE to look like. This is a production log after all, so I will keep things as they are, except the intro, which I plan to update as the need arises.

As I love a wide range of stories I encourage you to look around and see the various media I have analyzed and see if any of it sparks your interest.


Introduction, Invitation and Expectations – 2023-04-18 |SOE 000 Story Over Everything

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