Ultraman Zett 02 (DUB) Review – Ultra-Effort |GU

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Ultraman Zett 02 (DUB) Review – Ultra-Effort |GU Going Ultra – Presented by Henshin Inspection

Join MJ as he discusses Ultraman Zett 02.

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Zett won’t or can’t respond to Haruki until he is certain Haruki is at his limit

The value of perseverance

Space Shark Genegarg stiring kaiju awake

Don’t rely on your eyes alone

The second clue

“The master has failed more times than the beginner has tried”

-Stephen McCranie

Yoko is a gerbil?

All the mecha vibes of STORAGE delight me. They remind me of Evangelion and Galaxy Railways.


Ultraman Zett Official Dub

Official North America HP

Ultraman Official Tsuburaya Prod. English Site

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