Red Panda Adventures 3 Review – Red Panda Report 003 Getting Lucky

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Join MJ as he analyzes the thrilling Red Panda Adventures 3 Rabbit Season! Red Panda is an audio drama series inspired by The Shadow and other Pulp heroes.

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RPA003 “Rabbit Season” – November 15, 2005

Written and Directed by: Gregg Taylor

Season 1:003-012

They say the hand is quicker than the eye… but when a baffling jewel robbery proves that someone’s hands are quicker than a hundred eyes, the Red Panda is on the case! And when the culprit adds murder to their crimes, the hunt is on in earnest… and it’s Rabbit Season!


It’s a little silly that Kit was hoping for a birthday gift for Red Panda so soon. They’ve been working together for what, maybe a few months?


How do you know when you’re done with revenge?

Squirrel and Panda’s Banter is fun (talk of birthday gifts excluded)

Red Panda’s possible photography hobby helping solve the case is cool. He’s probably a polymath, which makes sense.

Taylor did such a good line read on “Could be Squirrel, could be!”Jack Rabbit could have killed Red Panda if not for the assist from Kit. That’s cool.


The birthday thing was just an excuse to get Kit the marbles. I’m not sure I like that, but I do get it.


Do the marbles count?


Jack Rabbit is a fun villain name and a great idea for a speedster, after all the phrase is “quick as a jackrabbit.

Jack Rabbit proves that there is the possibility of naturally occurring super humans in the Red Panda universe.

Erskine’s plot was clever.It’s a little scary that Jack Rabbit was able to slap a man to death with her supers peed. That’s grizzly.


The admonition to “never explain you powers to the bad guys” is so great, especially with how Red Panda was able to use the vagueness around his abilities to trick Jack Rabbit.


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