Ultraman Zett 07 (DUB) Review – Ultra-Trio |GU

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Ultraman Zett 07 (DUB) Review – Ultra-Trio |GU Going Ultra – Presented by Henshin Inspection

Join MJ for a discussion of Ultraman Zett 07 featuring: lil’ Lord Zett, a Fickle Juggler and medal monster madness!

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Civilian Fights – Hebikura

Who is the Son, Riku or Geed?

Juggler’s Secret

Worm’s Human’s Eye View

Kaburagi Making Up Names is a Great Detail

Desperately Seeking Zero’s Approval

Shinya’s Secret


Ultraman Zett Official Dub

Official North America HP

Ultraman Official Tsuburaya Prod. English Site

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