Elite Elegy |SOE 019 5-19-2023

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5-19-2023 Writing Projects update

Grobug Tales

Building an Email List. 2 Classes, Compare and Contrast

Fabula Machina 2023-001 – Elite Elegy

Keywords input into the Fabula Machina: War, Decentralized, Peace, Antiwar, Law, Justice

Title for Prompt: Elite Elegy

Communications tech is no longer able to be censored. Nearly a dozen heads of State have been arrested and executed for the War Crimes they have ordered. A decentralized network of hackers and computer engineers orchestrated these events under the direction of an eclectic group of grassroots activists with one goal uniting them: de-power the oligarchs.

Elite Elegy can be taken in multiple directions. What would you do with these ideas?

I would turn Elite Elegy into an action-thriller story of revenge called: Cyber Wolf.


A veteran and his team are tasked with capturing the government officials who lied their country into war under false pretenses. 


Guadalupe Gurerro was almost ready to put the past behind him. The war had cost his brother his life and him an eye. He rested, recovered and then kept moving. He found work with a private security firm a good fit. It still hurt, but he kept moving, until the leaks destroyed his life for a second time. It had all been a lie. Classified documents openly admitted it. Private messages that were supposed to have been scrubbed and destroyed were found and clear for all to see. The war had been a lie, not a mistake, but a fabrication. Guadalupe and Rigo had believed in the cause. They wanted to be heroes, but they had been pawns. The politicians tried to bury it, but they couldn’t. The truth stayed out and the People demanded justice. Guadalupe wanted revenge. The guilty fled and dug into fortified positions meant to protect them. Guadalupe pulled every connection he could to get assigned to the extraction team.

I asked ChatGPT3 to spin Elite Elegy into 10 different book proposals.

Book 1: “Unsilenced Revolt” (Dystopian Thriller)

Synopsis: In a dystopian future, communications technology becomes impossible to censor. A charismatic hacker and her team leverage this newfound power to expose the war crimes committed by heads of state. As they execute their plan, they encounter unexpected challenges and face grave consequences in their quest to dismantle the reign of the oligarchs.

Book 2: “Whispers of Justice” (Political Drama)

Synopsis: When communications tech becomes uncensored, a whistleblower leaks classified documents revealing the war crimes committed by powerful heads of state. As public outrage grows, a determined investigative journalist races against time to uncover the truth and bring the perpetrators to justice, facing threats and obstacles along the way.

Book 3: “Invisible Strings” (Techno-Thriller)

Synopsis: A brilliant computer engineer creates a revolutionary decentralized network capable of bypassing censorship. As the network gains popularity, a mysterious group of hackers joins forces to expose the war crimes of heads of state. The engineer finds herself caught in a dangerous web of intrigue and must protect her invention from those who seek to control it.

Book 4: “Shadows of Retribution” (Action-Packed Adventure)

Synopsis: A retired special forces operative, haunted by the war crimes he witnessed, is drawn into a mission of vengeance orchestrated by a decentralized network of activists and hackers. With an eclectic team at his side, he embarks on a globetrotting journey to hunt down and bring the heads of state to justice, facing perilous encounters and personal demons along the way.

Book 5: “Echoes of Freedom” (Science Fiction)

Synopsis: Set in a futuristic society, where communication technology cannot be censored, a group of rebels fights against an oppressive government. Utilizing their technological skills and a decentralized network, they expose the war crimes of the heads of state, sparking a revolution that will change the course of history and determine the fate of humanity.

Book 6: “Web of Shadows” (Psychological Thriller)

Synopsis: A brilliant but reclusive computer programmer discovers the uncensored nature of communication technology. Obsessed with justice, he manipulates the decentralized network to expose the war crimes committed by heads of state. As he delves deeper into the dark web, he becomes entangled in a psychological game of cat and mouse that blurs the lines between truth and deception.

Book 7: “Code of Resistance” (Political Suspense)

Synopsis: A disillusioned political aide stumbles upon evidence of war crimes while researching a high-profile scandal. She teams up with a group of activists and hackers who utilize the decentralized network to reveal the truth. As they face relentless opposition from powerful figures, they must navigate a dangerous landscape of politics and espionage to dismantle the oligarchs’ hold on power.

Book 8: “Whistleblower’s Redemption” (Legal Thriller)

Synopsis: A jaded lawyer takes on a seemingly impossible case when a whistleblower exposes the war crimes of heads of state. As she fights against powerful forces in the courtroom, she uncovers a network of activists and hackers who have orchestrated the exposure. With her reputation and life on the line, she seeks justice and redemption against all odds.

Book 9: “Hacktivist Uprising” (Young Adult Adventure)

Synopsis: In a near-future world where communication tech is uncensored, a teenager with exceptional hacking skills discovers evidence of war crimes committed by heads of state. Alongside a diverse group of young activists and computer prodigies, they form a decentralized network to take down the corrupt leaders. Their journey becomes a thrilling coming-of-age adventure with high-stakes consequences.

Book 10: “Digital Anarchy” (Cyberpunk Noir)

Synopsis: In a gritty cyberpunk world, a street-savvy hacker with a dark past uncovers a conspiracy involving the heads of state and their war crimes. Teaming up with a mysterious group of underground rebels, they exploit the unfiltered communication tech to expose the truth. As the lines blur between justice and revenge, they navigate a neon-lit underworld filled with corruption and danger.





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