Ultraman Regulos 1 Review | Going Ultra

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Ultraman Zett 16 (DUB) Review – Ultra-Mercy |Going Ultra Going Ultra – Presented by Henshin Inspection

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Join MJ for a discussion of Ultraman Regulos 1 featuring: amnesia, ambition and an all out attack!

This episode is a good intro to Regulos and the wider Ultra Galaxy.

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 Discussion of the lower quality of Ultra Galaxy Fight stuff

– Recommendation for the dubbing crew of Ultraman Zett to do all Ultraman dubbing in the future

– Speculation about the rivalry between Regulus and the black-clad character

– Connection between Regulus and other Ultraman characters (Leo and Astra) and Leo’s humility and humanity

– Old-school Kung Fu is cool and Koichi Sakamoto is delivering with these fights

– Themes of mental determination, emotional control, and personal growth

– The destruction of L77 and its impact on the stakes for Regulus


Ultraman Regulos Official Dub

Official North America HP

Ultraman Official Tsuburaya Prod. English Site

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