“I Want to Make People Happy!” Kamen Rider Zi-O |ARC 20

Sogou Tokiwa just can't wait to be king. It is all he has ever wanted. When two strangers from the future show up and tell him he becomes the worst dictator in history, he is excited about the part where his dream of kingship comes true. Sogou saves them from a monstrous alternate version of Kamen Rider Build and takes his first step on the path towards tyranny when he becomes Kamen Rider Zi-O.

Shinobi 02 |MJ♡TOKU

In addition to the review, I thought it would be fun to list all the ninja techniques I can think of and see what has been used in Kamen Rider Shinobi so far, as well as where I encountered them.

Shinobi 01 |MJ♡TOKU

I remember a few years back before Gaim premiered, one fan with a large collection of Kamen Rider figures and memorabilia liquidated his entire collection as he rage quit the franchise. I couldn't help, but be amused by that over-reaction. I never wanted to be that guy, so I rolled with Zi-O as it didn't appeal to me, but I hung around and my patience has been rewarded.

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