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My favorite thing about ninjas in media is how varied their abilities are. Shinobi really takes the power of ninjas to the next level by making it integral to the survival of society. That could almost ruin the mystique of it all, which is what I think actually makes ninjas cool, but I think the presentation is fast and intense enough that the viewer doesn’t have a chance to be bothered by it.

I thought it would be fun to list all the ninja techniques I can think of and see what has been used in Kamen Rider Shinobi so far, as well as where I encountered them.

  • Invisibility – Shinobi goes invisible while fighting Dark Ninja. I think Mulder talks about ninjas in the Pusher episodes when he is referencing the ninja’s alleged ability to cloud there enemies minds and seem to become invisible.
  • Substitution – Dark Ninja and Shinobi both use this. I don’t know where I have seen this in the past.
  • Teleportation – Does the substitution technique include teleportation? I feel like there was a fighting game where a ninja character could leave behind a shadow of themselves to absorb an attack or two. Was it Reptile in Mortal Kombat? Anyway, I don’t think anyone has teleported in the show just yet.
  • Disguise/Quick change – Rentaro and Dark Ninja both use this a lot. Shwarz Bruder from G Gundam is the only one to come to mind.
  • Counter Attack – Dark Ninja did this to Shinobi’s copies. I think I learned about this ninja technique playing pokemon
  • Copy/Multiply – Shinobi does this to Dark Ninja. I remember this from G Gundam. SOMEHOW Schwarz Bruder the German Ninja AND Domon Kasshu, a non-ninja are able to multiply themselves AND THEIR GUNDAM!!! This move is such a non-sense ability. It almost ruins ninjas for me.

I don’t think I have ever heard of elemental ninja powers before Shinobi. I didn’t watch Naruto. Does that happen in Naruto?

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