A Cold Comfort – Noah + Audioblog

[Audioblog length 5:33] 

And he called his name Noah, saying, This same shall comfort us concerning our work and toil of our hands, because of the ground which the LORD hath cursed.

-Genesis 5:29

And when he had finished giving thanks to God with burnt offerings, Noah and his wife and his sons and their wives set about searching the land. The earth had been cleansed of violence and bloodshed, just as The Lord had said. He commanded them to go forth and populate the earth, but the earth had changed. So for a time,  they rebuilt the house of Noah that he and Naamah would have a place to live. Also, that their sons and their sons wives could prepare to depart and fill the earth once again.

Noah found that the mists no longer rose up from the earth to water the grasses and the trees. So he and Naamah made haste to water all the dapling she had saved before the flood.

While Naamah went to work spreading out the young trees and vines, Noah considered what he should do. The tools he had made served the people well. They gave them rest and comfort from their work. No longer did they toil from sunrise to sunset for their bread. For the tools Noah crafted enabled them to work the earth with ease. In time, some grew weary of their rest and sought to fill the hours of the day with all manner of new sport and pleasure seeking. The great blessing of abundance brought by Noah’s tools caused some to act violently and to play the robber, stealing from their neighbor what they chose not to make for themselves. Even after the great waves had crashed and taken so many, the wicked continued to multiply and again Noah the builder, used his tools to help those who remained. The innocent and the sorrowful who turned from their sin were able to build again and live in peace for a time.

When Man’s cup of sin was full, the Lord came to Noah and told him to build an Ark. To save all the creatures as well as him and his family. For Noah was righteous before God. Noah obeyed the Lord and built. His tools and his craft would once again bring rest. This time they would bring rest to the earth and his family who had long suffered  the wicked.

Naamah returned to her husband and saw that he was troubled. When she inquired of him what weigh on his heart, he told her of his sadness at how his work had enabled the wickedness of his generation. And his wife comforted Noah who recalled all the good he had done and how the Lord had save them and commanded them to continue living on the earth.

After speaking with his wife, Noah was comforted and he set about the work of joining her in causing the earth to be worked again that man and beast both might live. So he planted a vineyard.

And while Noah was tilling the ground, his son Shem came to him. His son told Noah that he and his wife had found beautiful pasturing land not far from the house of Noah. As they talked, Shem joined his father and helped him with his work. When they had finished working, Noah kissed his son and said, “May the Almighty bless your flocks and herds.”

And Noah set aside the work of his vineyard to build a sheep fold with his son Shem.

And it came to pass, when Noah was in the vineyard tending his vines, Yepheth came to him. And Yepheth told his father Noah how he had found the waters teeming and captured and eaten fish. As Noah continued to dress the vines, Yepheth inquired after him, seeking a way to catch more fish. As they contemplated the matter, Yepheth joined his father in his work. And Noah kissed his son and fashioned a net for him when his work had been completed.

And while Noah was harvesting grapes, his son Ham came to him. Ham told Noah of how he had built a wall from stones and how he had found ruins of the Flood and used them to make more tools and build. As Noah worked, Ham watched his father a while. Then he departed and quickly returned with a gift for him. Ham had produced many new tools. He showed Noah that he also held a tool like the one he had gifted to him. And so Ham made quick work of his father’s harvesting. When they were finished, Noah kissed Ham and marvelled at all the new things his son had made.

Ham told Noah of all the lands he had seen from atop the mountains and how he longed to dwell in the choicest of them and build a great home for him and his children. A home where they could rest and be safe from cold and heat and hunger. He spoke of building tools for hunting and slaughtering animals and store houses for collecting the fat of the earth, that he and his people might dwell in safety and comfort, that their toil would be lighter and the work of their hands more prosperous. And Ham departed from Noah his father.

And Noah wept as his son departed, fearing what Ham’s tools might do in generations to come.

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