Knowledge is Power |More than Milk

When I was a young new mother, I didn’t know anything about breastfeeding. I thought it was natural and automatic. It wasn’t, at least not for me. I had no guidance. My mother hadn’t breastfeed and told me to just use formula. I didn’t want to. My doctors couldn’t help me and I eventually gave up trying because they warned that my baby girl was in danger. I am a grandmother now, and I am happy to say that my daughter learned all she could and stood her ground when they told her she should give her baby formula. Her breastfeeding support group helped her know what to do to make sure her baby stayed healthy and strong. Look at them now, I am so proud that she did what I thought I couldn’t do.

[My M-F Writing series is intended to make me a better writer and build towards publishing by the end of 2019. More than Milk is the current focus of these efforts to write and publish a bit each week day.]

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