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Ultraman (2019) 1 Review |GU2-1

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Ultraman (2019) takes place 20 years after the original series and looks at the impact of the original Ultraman’s existence on his host Shin Hayata and his son, Shinjiro who is no normal human. Ultraman had lived inside of Shin Hayata, enabling him to defend the earth and changing him into something beyond human.

Last year, I had the delight of watching SSSS.Gridmn, which was a collaboration between Tsubaraya Productions and Studio Trigger. SSSS.Gridman was an energetic 12 episode anime that acted as a distant sequel to Gridman the Hyper Agent, a live action tokusatsu series made by Tsubaraya Productions. It was adapted into Superhuman Samurai Squad in the West, a fact the anime made some allusions to.

Tokusatsu is Japanese for special effects, but has come to refer to a sub-genre of transforming heroes who fight monsters that are destructive and at times gigantic. Ultraman features a hero who grows to giant size and fights Kaiju (like Pacific Rim or Godzilla) who are aliens beings that are naturally behemoth in scale.

Ultraman (2019) Episode 1 Review

I missed this cool look behind the scenes at the production. Team TokuNet pointed it out

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