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I am happy to be back to G Gundam! Being that episode 25 was a clip show and most of the juicy stuff I had to say in my analysis of it was completely extemporaneous, I  can’t really reflect on that here. Something that sticks out in my mind are the remarks I made about Nationalism, and borderline fascistic imagery featured in this episode. I don’t want to talk about the imagery or the dangers of Nationalism.

What’s more important is how befuddled and thrown I was when I let a comment slip in regards to those things. I felt like I had to qualify my statements and put up a shield to deflect any accusations that I hate people of color, or even think less of “them” because of a slip of the tongue. One might accuse me of harboring objectionable beliefs or hate in my heart because I said something wrong do to a slip. The accusation posits that I let my guard down and accidentally revealed the truth about myself. The argument is specious and the power behind such hollow accusations is terrifying.

I do the things I do because I enjoy them, but I also want to build a brand for myself. Posting my reviews and analyses here on my author site (my main presence online) will hopefully attract people who like the things I like to the things that I make, which I would think they would enjoy. The point is that I am scared of the online outrage mobs and I don’t want to fall victim to their attacks, but I hate that. Part of my is telling me I ought to focus on the love of liberty, and I will, but the call to the dark is there. It feels like it would be fun to troll, mock and frustrate those who would try to shut down my speech or yours. I want to be better than that. I will be better than that. How can I ask others to be better if I won’t work to do the same?

Audio only version [12 minutes 06 seconds]

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Stills from G Gundam 25

Gifs from G Gundam 25

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