Ultraman (2019) 13 Analysis |Podcast

Ultraman 13 is a great inflection point for the story. I would be happy if the story stopped here. Key character stories were resolved, while others remain open to develop; the same goes for the plot, but I am very satisfied with Shinjiro’s arc. I am excited for the future of the story, but like I said this feels very good. It kind of ended on a high note. I am a little nervous to see a second season. As it is now, I know that manga continues the story, but I can just imagine it is great. If and when a second season is announced, I will definitely watch it and it may be a let down. That’s fine. For now, I am content to wait to see what further adventures and intrigue will sweep up Shinjiro and his allies.

15 minutes 02 seconds

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Tsu Pro blocked my original video upload WORLDWIDE. Fortunately, the second upload obscures enough to make it work. It looks like clips up to 10 seconds long will not trigger a copyright violation.

Ultraman 13 Analysis

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