SSSS.Dynaenon, kaiju, dynazenon, 06, what is this pain?, Koyomi, Mujina

Think Positive – SSSS.Dynazenon 06 Analysis |GU 21

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SSSS.Dynazenon 06 What Is This Pain? May 7, 2021

Writer: Keiichi Hasegawa

Director: Yoshiyuki Kaneko

Yume hears a rumor about Kano’s death from an alumni of the chorus club which Kano was in while she was alive. Meanwhile, Koyomi awakens from a hangover and finds that he has lost Dynastriker. Gauma scolds Koyomi and he is reminded of someone he met the previous night.

SSSS.Dynaenon, kaiju, dynazenon, 06, what is this pain?, Koyomi, Mujina, collage


On paper, this doesn’t seem like a good episode. Looking back on it, I can’t see why I would have ranked it as high as I originally did. I almost feel like it all came together at the end and that the surprise at the end made it good. That’s less than thrilling.

-I don’t think Koyimi, Minami and Yomogi should have been able to pilot at their vehicles at all. Or maybe they should have started off fine, then bottomed out. Them halfheartedly doing it muddles how exactly Dynazenon works. It feels inconsistent and sloppy.


-The kaiju leaping from building to building to get Dyna Dragon was cool


-Mujina and Koyomi’s interactions at the 7-21 were interesting. If they really are the same, then why are they fighting? Why keep messing with kaiju? What’s this code for?


-I guess Anti will show up and help the Dynazenon 3 sort things out so they can keep fighting the good fight.


-Are the Dynazenon Four actually the villains of this show?



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