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Why Can’t I Reach You? – SSSS.Dynazenon 10 Analysis |GU 28

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SSSS.Dynazenon 10 Which Memories Do You Regret? June 04, 2021

Writer: Keiichi Hasegawa

Director: ???

An unprecedentedly great power attacks the city. Yomogi takes hold of Dynasoldier to confront the root of it all.

Henshin Inspection, Tokusatsu ,Henshin Hero, Tsubaraya Productions, SSSS.Dynazenon, Dynazenon, SSSS.Gridman, GridKnight, Goldburn, 10, Which Memories Do You regret?


‐The animation. Weird proportions and sloppy model adherence is rough to look at.

-Maybe Yomogi had it too easy breaking through to the others. What made it work mechanically? I don’t get it. He just tried harder until it worked.


-The animation. All the blurs and squishes and deformations made for really dynamic action. Inside the kaiju all of the made sense and using the different styles to show the difference between the past and the present was quite effective. They also did a lot of interesting flourishes and blocking, like having Yomogi being trapped inside of screens or mirrors, that looked cool, felt poignant and made his inability to reach the others more concrete.


When Shizumu said “Now everyone can be free” I am sure he was referring to the power of the kaiju to trap people in their own pasts. The option to go back to a woeful choice and go the other way is a powerful temptation and a trap many of us can find ourselves in from time to time. The past is gone and we can never reclaim it. We can chain ourselves to its ghost or we can choose to accept it and build our own future.


-The Princess is going to end up being the villain all along


-Is it possible to reach someone who doesn’t want to be reached? Is it possible to be unable to reach yourself?

-Is Yomogi grieving the loss of his mother? It seems like she was introducing him to a coleague who she is romantically interested in. Is he upset about that, or did he lose his father and he is still mourning that or at least can not yet accept that his mother is interested in moving on from her presummed widowhood?



I picked “Why Can’t I Reach You?” as the title for this analysis because the nature of the self and dealing with who and what we are is so profound to me. My answers are sort of easy. I am a believer. I have faith, but that isn’t enough. I believe I am called to live my life to a greater purpose. Even so, there are times when I let my mind wander off of the here and now, wander off of what I am doing and making and building and I let myself ponder all I have lost and marred through my human frailty. We got a glimpse of that in this episode. The wild, varied and stunning animation and deep narrative worked together to make for an exciting and cathartic experience. Watching the threat escalate until only Yomogi was left to confront it, then seeing him break through the delusion and strive to free the others at a significant cost to himself was thrilling. Yume’s time with Kano was bitter-sweet and Koyomi seeing that people and experiences are more important than money was interesting. I think that is what happened with Koyomi, anyway, his resolution was a bit hard to read. These people are hurt and scarred and were out of touch with themselves. Taking the time to make characters confront their own brokenness is one of my favorite things in media. Even when the issues are a little abstract, that internal journey and resolve to keep living and doing something positive for others works so well on my every time.

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