Is SSSS.DYNAZENON a Henshin Hero show? |HI1

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In SSSS.Gridman, it was much more clear, Yuta Hibiki actively transformed into Gridman and these are in the same universe. If he was a henshin hero and that was a henshin hero show, doesn’t that mean SSSS.Dynazenon is as well? Are the Dynazenon crew henshin heroes? They have a combining robot and they fight giant monsters. But they don’t have costumes. Are they just mecha pilots, like in Gundam? Gundam pilots have costumes, but their robots don’t combine. They also fight wars against other people in mobile suits for the most part. Let’s talk about it.

Qualifications for Henshin Heroes



Henshin Call

Change Clothes or Body

Change for Plot Reasons

Outer change reflects inner change

Changes to fight or overcome things

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