Kamen Rider Ain’t Bleak, Son – Discussing Tone in Kamen Rider |Henshin Inspection

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What should the tone of Kamen Rider be?

Does it have to be dark and gritty to be serious or good?

Is KR71 edgy?

Does too much grit stray from the true Rider Spirit?

I have been wrestling with the design aesthetic of Kamen Rider Black Sun for months now. The images have been out for months. The trailers were released recently and they show the suits in motion, sort of. Everything went by in a Kingstone Flash and it was a bit hard to take it all in. Anyway, I am ready to accept the designs, especially because I can’t change them, but I don’t think I like the tone of the series. Join me as I talk through my feelings on what the proper tone is for Kamen Rider.


-DCEU’s muddy filters

-MCU’s muddy filters

-Kamen Rider The First/The Next

-Shin Kamen Rider

-Kamen Rider 1971

-Kamen Rider Black Manga

-Kamen Rider J

-Kamen Rider ZO

-Kamen Rider Shin

-Kamen Rider Amazons




-Bleak VS Edgy

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