Designing a Lady Angel Superhero |HH01 Concept Art 1

This drawing took me about 1 hour to make. You can watch me go from idea to design in less than 7 minutes. Watch me work and learn what inspired this design.

Angels are described a couple ways in the Bible. They are typically humanoid and mostly appear as ordinary men. The Cherubim appears in Genesis and Ezekiel and has a strange form: it is a sort of man with 3 additional heads, animal heads. There are 4 Cherubim described in Ezekiel as having eyes on their wings and being accompanied by interlocking wheels covered in eyes, which matched their movements.

While drawing this first iteration of HH001: Angel, I chose to blend design elements from Maxwell Grants SHADOW, Gregg Talyor’s RED PANDA and Johnston McCulley’s ZORRO and the Biblical descriptions of angles.

What do you think of the result?

Check it out on Odysee

Or the other video site…


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