Can One (Book) Chat Alone? – 4-14-2023 |SOE 014

Eva and the Grobug Audiobook Story Over Everything


Can you chat with yourself?

What kind of book reviews interest you?


You can look forward to Story Over Everything “book chats” coming soon.

The reviews will be broad in scope. The format for the “book chat” will be

1. Give the audience a blurb for the book, which be a synopsis and should also serve as my attempt to convince them to read it. This will hopefully help me to develop my blurb writing skills and sales skills.

2. Talk about some criticisms of the book

3. Talk about a couple things I liked as a reader of the book

4. Talk about a couple things I like as an aspiring author, that I might want to utilize in my writing.

5. I might offer alternate titles for books, when the occasion calls for it.


The Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings

Chronicles of Narnia

The Holy Hunter Series Outlines made on SOE 5, SOE 6 and SOE 7

What is the difference between the Fantasy Genre and the Sword and Sorcery Genre

Conan by Robert E Howard

Solomon Kane by Robert E Howard

John Carpenter/Barsoom by Edgar Rice Burroughs

HP Lovecraft and Cosmic Horror

Using ChatGPT to title Podcasts and other fun stuff

Digimon and Digimon Seekers Web Novel

The Literary merits of Digimon

All stories are an effort to sell something


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