Kamen Rider Geats 09 Analysis – Who Wins?

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I will be discussing: The Bad, the Good and the Intriguing of Geats 09

Kamen Rider Geats 09 Encounter VIII: Wake Up! Monster – October 30, 2022
Writer: Yuya Takahashi
Director: Shojiro Nakazawa

Although the can was kicked outside the Jyamar Area, it had expanded once again. Thus, the can returns inside and the giant Jyamato swallows it once again.

In this abnormal situation. Ace, Neon, and Michinaga are given an emergency mission to “raise eggs.” If it hatches, it may drop an item for defeating the final boss. Ace, who aims to become the Deza Shin once again, raises his egg while fighting the Jyamato but…

-The shifting nature of the Jamato game doesn’t make sense
-I want to know Ace’s wish! Why not let us know?
-Monster is TOO goofy, it looks more like a teddy bear than a monster
-It’s silly that Ace only now learned to “never give up, never surrender!” after 2000 years of playing this game

-The Final Boss making an orphan of that sweet little baby at the start of the episode was sure dramatic. I like how effectively that set the stakes for the episode. Seeing the family happy together at the end was good.
-I like the warm send-off Ace gives Michinaga and Neon
-Ace tempting the other two to quit and just let him win was interesting. It made for some good character moments for all 3 of them.
-The monster form is almost cool
-I like the variety of the games. It makes things more novel than your classinc victim and monster of the week format.

-Who is Punk Jack?
-Why is the Game Master acting as butler to the players?
-What is the truth of the Jamato threat?
-Who wins? How do you win in life?

Episode 9 – 8/10

Seeing Ace win the DGP again while Michinaga gets a chance to come back again is interesting. I see a shift in their relationship which I hope to see explored in the next DGP. Ace telling Neon she’ll get a chance to win a DPG is interesting, I wonder how she will be different going forward.

The action was solid, but something felt a little off. The characters really came through but it all feels weird because this endgame is coming just over 2 months into the show.

The overall episode was enjoyable and the reveals of Punk Jack and the Game Master’s faces as well as Navigator girls being bugged by Ace’s wish have me quite interested to see how things will develop in the next leg of the show. Here’s hoping the next DGP sheds more light on the real story!

I got nothing this time.

LL000: N/A

Episode 10 – Scheme I Beats of the New World


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