Can I Write a Series by Bullet Points? – 2022-11-04 |SOE 6

This week I challenge myself to plan a whole series by dictating bullet point. It went somewhere. Before I fire up the “Fabula Ex Machina” I share a little about how I got interested in comic books and some other stuff. This is part 1 of an unknown number.


What is the status of my current projects: progress made, length of time on the backburner?


Grobug Series – 5 Books Planned

Manuscript Completed: Books 1 and 2

Drafts Completed: 0

Drafts to Start: Books 3-5

Outlines Started: Book 3, sort of. I have one outline paragraph written for the book.

Outlines to Start: Books 4 and 5.

Next Action from 10-28-22: make thumbnail sketched for spreads 7-16 of Grobug Book 1. As of 11-04-22, I am 3 weeks late.

Actions Taken by 11-04-22: I made thumbnails for spreads 7-14.

Next Actions: Make sketches for Grobug Book 1, spreads 15-16. Photograph and set up reference package or document to send to artist.


-Research Crowdfunding

-Make Crowdfunding Proposal

-Send to artist-Negotiate Rates and Terms

Back Burner

MTM – Breastfeeding Book for big brothers and sisters. (6 Weeks)

MTM – Next actions to publish: make text descriptions and thumbnail sketched for all 32 pages (6 Weeks)

Fantasy Dragon Book – Manuscript may need revision. On hold.

Completed Works

What did I accomplish this week as a storyteller?

-No writing this week–No drawings this week-

I analyzed the following shows:

Kamen Rider Black Sun 01 Analysis – What Divides Us?

Avataro Sentai Donbrothers 35 Analysis |SSS 035

Kamen Rider Geats 09 Analysis – Who Wins?

Lessons Learned

What did I learn from the world of story this week?

  • Black Sun 01 – Sympathy for a character can let them get away with a lot. I feel so badly for what was done to Nobuhiko and Kotaro and they both feel like victims that I am willing to overlook some of what they are doing. It helps that I know I don’t know all the facts, but they could turn out to be really bad people, but I am still willing to assume the best of them. LL000: Wound your protagonist at go to garner sympathy and support from the audience. They will want to see him win, even if he has an ugly side.
  • Donbros 35 – Be creepy. I am so much more interested in the Beastials then the Cerebrans as villains. They are like sentient predatory mimics and the Oragami folding and the seemingly living Oragami in their world is catching. You might have to see it, to get why it is exciting to me, but it elicits feelings of foreboding and danger. The bad Beastials are inhuman and that makes them scary.LL000: Don’t be afraid to make creepy or scary foes for a children’s story. You want the threat to be real and the kids can handle it if you do it the right way.
  • -Geats 09 – Nothing this time…

Fabula Ex Machina

Part brainstorm, part drafting out loud.

Prompt: Let’s plan the Holy Hero Hunter series with bullet points PART 1!

X Words

10 Minutes


Can I Write a Series by Bullet Points? – 2022-11-04 |SOE 6

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