Kamen Rider Black Sun 03 Analysis – Who Has Power?

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I will be discussing: The Weak, the Strong and the Secrets of Black Sun 03

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Kamen Rider Black Sun Episode 3 – October 27, 2022

Writer: Izumi Takahashi

Director: Kazuya Shiraishi


After the attack, Aoi and Kotaro find themselves in a strange relationship. Meanwhile, Bilgenia, who had obtained video evidence from Kawamoto, the wanted man doesn’t tell Dounami about it. In the midst of all this, the protest that Aoi participates in develops into violent clashes and chaos. Then suddenly Nobuhiko Akizuki appears, insisting on the rights of the kaijins and rousing them to action. 


-Kotaro is a very passive character in this show about him

-Since this show is dark and edgy, why don’t all the Gorgom kaijin who know where Kotaro lives just go there to kill him? It should be super easy, barely an inconvenience.

-This show is not making the case for Kaijin Rights by showing us the activities of the highest level Kaijin


-Aoi’s optimism and positivity is a real light in the dark. Her not wanting to kill kaijin, just how to fight and escape them is endearing, if not short-sighted.

-Seeing Shunuske’s parents at the march was sweet. It really shows them us ordinary people who are a family and they just happen to be kaijin

-Igaki is clearly a piece of work and him trying to provoke kaijin is transparent and gross. Nice job portraying that, team Black Sun!

-Kotaro using his hopper legs to jump up off the floor to wail on Kijura was a fun bit of fight choreography – very inventive!

-Showing how evil the Dounami administration is delights me. These people are not your friends. They are playing on a whole different level than us. No matter what divides us, we are all united by being cattle and ore for them to harvest and mine for their benefit, through whatever means. We fight and they win. The few elites feed on the masses and we barely notice it as a collective.


-Did that tape show Kaijin, the Creation King specifically being created 50 years ago?

-Are kaijin a Japanese military bio-weapon?

-How did Aoi’s parents get mixed up with Oliver?

-Who has power? What is power? How should it be used?


Episode 3 – 9/10

This world is getting uglier and more twisted. There is a lot that doesn’t make sense. Why does Bilgenia serve Dounami when he wanted to murder him when the Golrgom Priests sold out to him? Is the ugly truth why Kotaro withdrew? Is that why he just wants kaijin to go away?




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